What gets measured, gets managed

Errors due to inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all

The goal is to process data into information, and information into insight

You never know how many apples there are in a seed

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GreenMetrics is an intelligent platform which helps in real time monitoring of waste water treatment process.
GreenMetrics is every business owner’s virtual eyes & ears inside their treatment plant – Always looking around, alerting about possible hiccups, informing about KPIs and keeping processes and equipment in great health. GreenMetric is a comprehensive software to help water and wastewater data from source-to-tap-to-waste. GreenMetric assists you in meeting all your water and wastewater data management, monitoring and regulatory compliance, and automated MIS reporting.
Automated MIS Reporting
Our system enables you to access customized reports based on the critical information you need to make right decisions. You also have an option to schedule reports sent to your email.
Compliance Tracking
Having right insights is critical to comply with regulatory bodies such as PCB and CCB. Our system identifies and sends you notification about compliance.
Predictive Analytics
It is important to foresee and take precautions to ensure safe discharge. Predictive analytics will give you an edge to stay on top things.
Decision Analytics
Numbers won’t make sense till the time it is organized to help you make right decisions. Our dashboard will come with decision analytics to help you take right steps.
Monitor your data anytime, anyplace. Never miss any important alerts & reminders.
✓ Automatic email alerts for water quality exceedances
✓ Easier and faster access to relevant monitoring data
✓ Quick and easy report generation
✓ Manage complex sampling schedules
✓ Effective complaint management
✓ Access your data anytime and anywhere with a web-based solution
GreenMetrics Team will help you align your long term ETP and Water treatment goals with Instrumentation Controls and Information Management. We offer a wide range of services including;
✓ Installation and Commissioning of Process Controls like Flow Measurement Instruments, Level Measuring Instruments, Temperature Measurement
Instruments, Pressure Measurement Instruments, Industrial Indicators, Industrial Drives, Temperature Controller, Algae Meter, PH Meters, Residual Chlorine Meters, Turbidity Meter
✓ Historical Data up keeping
✓ Periodic Audits
✓ New customer Installation & Training
✓ Refresher Training
✓ Custom Solutions
About Us
GreenMetrics is the brainchild of first generation entrepreneurs. It was flagged off with a clear vision to revolutionize Business Intelligence industry. GreenMetrics has a growing client list of leading municipalities, textile, leather and pharma industries that manage water and wastewater systems across India.

Mr. Sanjay L Raman

Mr. Sanjay L Raman is the co-founder of GreenMetrics. Sanjay is a Computer Science engineering graduate by qualification. He also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Management from the IIM, Kozhikode. He has experience of over 17 years in the field of Telecom (retail and business ordering, Voice portals), Logistics, and ERP product application. He was the Co-Founder of Gray Cell Systems India and has been the Director of WhiteboxTesting Services since December 2012. He has worked on various projects in capacities of VP of Products & Engineering, Technical Manager and other roles in various organizations like Verizon Data Services India, FedEx USA, Verizon Communications USA and SYNC OBS Inc.

Mr. Kishore Kumar KS

Mr. Kishore Kumar KS is the co-founder GreenMetrics. Kishore is an Electronics and Communication engineer by qualification. He has experience of over 20 years in the field of software development, software testing, developing automation frameworks for Web and Mobile applications. He was the Co-Founder of Gray Cell Systems India and has been the Co-Founder of Whitebox Testing Services since December 2009. He has worked and held key positions across different companies including Thales Air Systems, Oracle Corporation, Informatica, HP, RELQ, Yodlee, Vodafone UK, IBM and Verizon.

Development Center

Manyata Embassy Business Park,
Ground Floor, E1 Block,Beech Building
Outer Ring Road, Bangalore - 560045.